Add and Install a Host Computer for Windows

When you add a new host computer to your account, you will install the GoToMyPC desktop application onto the computer. To do so, you can:

1. Log in at from the computer you wish to install GoToMyPC on.

2. At the bottom of the My Computer page, select + Add This Computer .

3. Click the Install GoToMyPC button.

4. You will see "gosetup.exe" file being downloaded (the location of download will depend on the browser being used). Once download is complete, open the file.

5. Click Yes when prompted by the User Account Control.

6. In the GoToMyPC Installer window, click Next, wait for the installation to complete and then select Next.

7. GoToMyPC has been successfully installed! You're almost there! To complete the download process, you will need to fill out your registration.

  • Enter your account information (email address and account password), then click Next.
  • Create a nickname for the computer, then click Next.
  • Create an access code for the computer, then click Next.

Note: If you accidentally close the Enter Account Information window, you can access it any time by right-clicking the GoToMyPC icon in the system tray and selecting Register Computer.

8. You will see a Registration Successful window once you are done, and the new computer will appear on your My Computers list so that you can access it at any time.


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