2-Step Verification

GoToMyPC users can set an additional layer of security based on a 2-step verification method. The 2-step verification method is based on something you know (e.g., a password) and something you have (e.g., a code sent via text message), providing a more robust level of user authentication.

To use the 2-step verification method, users are prompted to enter a code sent as a text message to their mobile phone or a call made to their mobile phone after they enter their GoToMyPC account password.

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How it works

Set up 2-step verification

Set up 2-step verification for groups/ subgroups

Let users "trust" their computers

How it works

After 2-step verification is applied to your account, the next time you log in to GoToMyPC, the first page you see will be the 2-step verification page. Once you log in, a unique code is sent to your mobile phone or a call is made to your mobile phone number with a audio recording of your code, and you will need to enter the 6-digit code to get access to your computer.

If you don’t want to enter a code every time you log into GoToMyPC, you can select the “Don’t ask for codes on this computer” checkbox.

Note: Remember that even if you trust a computer, it only works if the user uses the same browser to login after selecting the checkbox.

Click Resend if you want the same code to be sent once more to your mobile phone.

Set up 2-step verification

1. Log in to your GoToMyPC account.

2. Choose My Account from the left navigation and select Settings.

3. Under the Security Settings section, enable the “2-Step Verification” checkbox.

4. Select your country from the drop-down menu and enter your mobile phone number.

5. Choose your method of verification and click Verify.

6. The unique code is sent as:

  • a text message to your mobile phone.
  • a call is made to your mobile phone and an audio recording of the code is played to you on call.

7. Back on the Verify Your Phone page, enter the code and click Verify to enable 2-step verification.

Set up 2-step verification for groups/ subgroups

Administrators can set up 2-step verification for their users as a group/subgroup.

1. Log in with your manager credentials.

Note: If you are a manager and have both a personal account and a company manager account, select your manager account.

2. Choose Manage Groups from the left navigation and select the group or subgroup to which you want to apply 2-step verification.

3. Under the Group Settings tab, select Extended Authentication.

4. In the Extended Authentication page, choose the option to let users choose, force or disable 2-step verification for the group/ subgroup. By selecting the Force option, users in a particular group/ subgroup will be forced to enroll in the 2-step verification method to use GoToMyPC, thus ensuring that all accounts under the group/ subgroup is secure.

5. Click Save Settings.

Let users “trust” their computers

Administrators can either enable or disable the option to let users “trust” their computers checkbox to users in a group.

1. When admins select the “Let users "trust" their computers” button, users in a group, thy are given 3 options:

a. Let users "trust" their computers - When an administrator selects this option, users will be able to see the “Don’t ask for codes on this computer” check box when they log in to GoToMyPC.

b. Let users "trust" their computers for 30 days only - When an administrator selects this option, users can allow the browser they connect to GoToMyPC to remember their password for 30 days only. At the end of 30 days, they will be prompted once more to enter their 2 step verification password.

c. Let users not "trust" their computers - When admins select this button, users will not be given the option to trust their computers when they log in to GoToMyPC.

2. When admins force the option, users will have to use the 2 Step Verification method every time they connect to their GoToMyPC account.

3. When admins disable the 2-Step Verification feature option for the group, the “Let users “trust” their computer option is grayed out.

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