Why am I being launched into the Web App?


Organizers and attendees who already have the desktop app installed may be unexpectedly launched into session using Google Chrome, even though they have the desktop already installed. 



  • GoToMeeting
  • Google Chrome
  • Windows and Mac




A previous release of the Launcher Service (v2.42) changed its domain to "", which was required due to our merge with LogMeIn. Because of this, the GoTo Opener app might not initially detect a customer's installed desktop app and then direct them to the Web App instead of the desktop app.


If you have been unexpectedly launched into an active session using Google Chrome (even though you have the desktop app installed), you can complete the following steps: 

  1. Click the Switch icon in the lower part of your toolbar and select Switch to the desktop version
  2. When prompted, click Switch
  3. Your session will be switched into the desktop app and continue from there. The next time you join, you should be launched into the desktop app as expected. 
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Note that you might also be prompted by Google Chrome to "Open GoTo Opener?" Simply enable the "Always open these types of links in the associated app" checkbox before clicking Open GoTo Opener
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