GoToMeeting for Google Calendar Plugin in Google Chrome is Disabled After Update


GoToMeeting for Google Calendar Plugin in Google Chrome is disabled automatically after updating.



  • GoToMeeting for Google Calendar Plugin Version 4.6.3
  • Google Chrome




Changes to the publisher and the address that the plugin uses to communicate with GoToMeeting has caused Google Chrome to disable the plugin as a security measure


  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Click the orange exclamation notification at the top right
  3. Click GoToMeeting for Google Calendar is disabled
    • User-added image
  4. Click Accept Permissions
    • User-added image
  5. You may now continue using the GoToMeeting for Google Calendar plugin in Google Chrome

Additional Information

Alternatively, you can re-enable the GoToMeeting Google Calendar Plugin with these steps.

- Go to chrome://extensions via the Chrome browser address bar
- Check the box for the GoToMeeting extension
- Grant permissions when prompted

*Note - The GoToMeeting Google Calendar Plugin cannot be re-enabled if you are using the new Google Calendar (Beta). Our Engineering Team is currently working on an updated version.