Desktop Application Freezes, Cannot See Screen or Webcam


  • An Organizer or Attendee cannot see the screen & webcams that are being shared
  • Welcome screen is all that is seen in the viewer window
  • Webcams either show as black or grey areas
  • Desktop application freezes when Organizer or Attendee shares screen



  • Windows 10
  • GoToMeeting
  • GoToWebinar




Trusteer Rapport either freezes the desktop application when Organizer or Attendee shares screen, blocks Screen Sharing and/or webcams from being seen


  1. Check to see if a program called Trusteer Rapport , Trusteer Endpoint Protection, IBM Security Trusteer Rapport is installed or check Windows Task Manager for a process named Rapport or similar
  2. Click the Start Menu
  3. Click All Programs or All apps if on Windows 10
  4. Click Trusteer Rapport
  5. Click Stop Rapport
  6. Follow the prompts to stop Trusteer Rapport

Note: The alternatives to disabling include quitting the Rapport processes from Task Manager or uninstalling the Trusteer Rapport application via the Windows Control Panel

Additional Information

Trusteer can be enabled again by going back into the product settings and starting the Rapport service again