How do I share my screen on a Windows computer?




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There are several options when screen-sharing in a GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, or GoToTraining session.
YOU MUST BE SELECTED TO BE THE "PRESENTER". If you started the meeting you will be the presenter by default.

  1. Share your screen by clicking on the Show My Screen button in the Control Panel or
  2. Clicking on the drop down menu just below the Show My Screen button to enable the sharing of a CLEAN screen, a specific application or specific monitor as needed.

  • Screen of main monitor, secondary monitor or both monitors Shares the entire screen of one or all of your monitors
  • Screen of main monitor, secondary monitor or both monitors (CLEAN) Shares your screen, but also hides your background, task bar and desktop icons
  • Rectangle ( Labs ) This shares only a specific portion of your screen, which you can choose by moving a floating frame around your screen.

NOTE:The Screen icon at the top of the Control Panel will glow green when your screen is being shared with other attendees.



Additional Information

*Note: Sharing with "Screen (Clean)" and "Rectangle (Labs)" are not available to Mac organizers.
*If you wish to share a PowerPoint presentation on a Mac, you must first put the presentation into slide show mode and then select "PowerPoint Slide Show" in the Application window. If you do not, attendees will continue to see the main PowerPoint window instead of the slide show, and they will not see your slides advance.