Once you have installed the GoToMeeting software on your PC, click on the orange daisy icon in your system tray to access your preferences. The preferences menu gives you access to most of the settings you can adjust for your GoToMeeting account. This include basic start-up items and your general session identity and login. You can choose various meeting options for yourself and your attendees under the ‘meetings’ tab. You’ll also be able to manage your GoToWebinar or GoToTraining preferences if you have either or both of these programs also. In the recordings pane, you can set all of your recording preferences. These include what audio you want to record, whether to convert recording immediately after the event, and it allows you to adjust the location your recordings are saved to. Integrations lets you integrate with Outlook, Lotus Notes, and most other default applications. The connection pane lets you test your meeting connection and offers a link to our support center, if ever needed. The audio tab lets you test and change both your microphone setup, as well as your speaker setup. You will also notice some advanced audio feature available here. Finally, the webcam tab will detect if you have a webcam available for use and will allow you to adjust webcam settings and any specific webcam model preferences. Customizing your GoToMeeting experience is easy to with the simple-to-use preferences menu.