The GoToMeeting control panel puts control of your meeting at your fingertips. At the top of the control panel, organizers will see tabs for audio, screen sharing, and video. On the audio tab, you can test your sound, speakers, and access the audio guide for more tips. On the screen sharing tab, you can navigate how you want to show your screen. You can share your whole screen as is, share a clean version with icons and background scrubbed, or share just one application. You can also swap presenter, or share your keyboard and mouse control with someone else in the meeting. On the webcam tab, you can see a preview of your webcam before turning it on. The audience view window shows the presenter exactly what everyone else can see, so you don’t have to worry about sharing something you don’t mean to. The attendee window lists the people in your meeting. From this list, you can mute them, make them presenter, and more. The chat window enables you to share links, ask questions, or make comments without interruption. The drawing tools enable you to really make a point with a pen, highlighter, or spotlight. Press the record button to record the meeting in order to share it with anyone who misses the meeting. To view or edit, click the gear. The control panel panes can be rearranged however you want them by dragging or dropping. It can also be collapsed.