Sharing your screen is easy and intuitive with GoToMeeting, making it one of the best screen share programs. Whether you are the organizer of a GoToMeeting event, an invited presenter, or an attendee who has been made presenter, it is easy to share what you would like with GoToMeeting. Once in a meeting, the organizer will have a slightly more robust control panel on the top right. This includes options for showing their screen. If an attendee has been made presenter, their control panel will adjust to include these options. All screen sharing options can be found under the dropdown that looks like a monitor. Click on the “screen” dropdown, and your options are as follows: show everything on your entire screen, show your entire desktop with a clean screen without icons at the bottom, or show only a specific program you have open. How to Change Presenters & Share Keyboard and Mouse Options Changing presenters and sharing keyboard and mouse options are also listed in this dropdown. Whether the organizer is presenting, or an attendee has been made presenter, these options will be available to both of them.