Sign in to your account. Once logged in, you’ll see any scheduled meetings you have set up. You’ll have the option to start an impromptu meeting, called a “meet now,” you can schedule a meeting for later, or you can start a previously scheduled event. If you wish to set up a new meeting, click on “schedule a meeting.” You can choose whether you would like it to occur once or multiple times. You can select date(s) and set meeting time and time zone. You can also select the audio options you would like to provide. Best practice is to provide VoIP and also a telephone number. You can also invite co-organizers by typing in their email addresses. Invited co-organizers can start and host your meeting if you are not able to. Choose if you would like to require a meeting password. If you do set up a password, you will need to notify all of your meeting attendees. “Labs” is a tab that allows you to see the latest additions to GoToMeeting including Sightboard which allows you to use your webcam to show your whiteboard to attendees as if they were sitting right in front of it. There are many more Labs features available now and coming soon. At the bottom of your right hand toolbar, you will see other Citrix products you have set up.