InRoom Link Troubleshooting & FAQs

InRoom Link provides audio, webcam, and screen viewing for the attendees in supported video conference rooms. You can join multiple conference rooms to a single meeting. Individual users in the room can also join via GoToMeeting in order to share screens or participate in chat from their own computer.

Below are some quick fixes for any issues you may encounter.

Topics in this article:

Audio/Video Troubleshooting

Join/Start Troubleshooting

Device Troubleshooting


Audio/Video Troubleshooting

Why is there audio echo or feedback?

Try muting audio for all but one device in a conference room. For example, if there are two attendees joined over their laptops in the conference room in addition to the system attendee, mute the system attendee and one of the laptops.

Why is there no or frozen audio and/or video?

This may be caused by a misconfigured gatekeeper. The gatekeeper provides address translation, admissions control, call routing, authorization and accounting services to an H.323 system. GoToMeeting Gatekeeper IP address is To determine if this is caused by a misconfigured gatekeeper, do the following:

  • Try to not register with the gatekeeper
  • Try registering with GetGo gatekeeper

If the gatekeeper is misconfigured, set up GNU Gatekeeper (GnuGK).


Join/Start Troubleshooting

Why is the call disconnecting or blocking meeting content (usually inbound media)?

Verify the system configuration is correct. Some firewalls have limited built-in H.323 support and may not work with our solution. Some firewalls also have very low (<30 sec) idle timeouts.

Why can't I join from a Sony PCSA-MCG80?

When entering your join string (GoToMeeting video conferencing server##meeting ID string), remove one of the # character (e.g., 999.999.999.999#111222333).


Device Troubleshooting

Why is the incoming call not visible on the gateway side?

Your device is configured to attempt SIP calls. Configure it to accept H.323 calls. There are known firmware issues that can be resolved by this update, including:

  • Update device certificates / certificate authority (CA) lists
  • LifeSize Icon series (older than v2.8.1) does not display infrastructure video reliably (fixed in v3.1.2)
  • Polycom RealPresence Group series (older than v5) does not hang up when instructed by the gateway (fixed in v6)

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