Meeting Transcriptions (Smart Meeting Assistant)

Meeting transcriptions (GoToMeeting's Smart Meeting Assistant) is the textual representation of your meeting conversations. It automatically transcribes your recorded meeting and provides you a simple link to share with attendees so they can view the interactive recording, search for keywords, and more! This feature allows you to focus on your meeting, while GoToMeeting focuses on the note-taking.

Note: Transcriptions currently only supports English. The features that are available on your account may vary depending on your subscription plan.

Enable Transcriptions

You can enable and disable Transcriptions from the Settings page. Don't see the setting? Check with your account administrator to make sure that both cloud recording and Transcriptions are enabled.

1. Log in at

2. Click Settings in the top toolbar.

3. Check the Transcription box and Save.

Access and view transcriptions

Easily access and view a list of your recorded meetings and transcripts from your account.

1. Log in at

2. Select Meeting History.

3. Find the desired recording, and click the View recording icon. This will open a page with both the interactive recording and written transcript.

Transcriptions features

There are many features available within Transcriptions. You can view, share, jump to a specific section of the meeting via transcript, and more!

Transcriptions page

  • View talk time – View the active talk time of all meeting participants next to the interactive recording.
  • Search for keywords – Search for keywords and key content using the Search bar.
  • Share the link – Share the transcripts link with attendees by clicking the Share icon and pasting the link wherever.
  • Copy the transcript – Copy the full textual transcript by clicking the Copy icon next to the Search bar. Paste the copied text wherever.
  • Resume auto scroll – Continue watching the interactive recording and follow along with the transcription.

Meeting History page

  • Play recording – Open the Transcriptions page for that recording.
  • Share the link – Share the transcripts link with attendees by clicking Copy link in the Recording options drop-down list.
  • Delete the recording – Delete the recording completely by clicking Delete in the Recording options drop-down list.


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