Set Up User and Product Provisioning

Provisioning is the process of creating valid users within your domain organization, and enabling those users with access to specific products. Smaller firms manage this using the Admin Center, but as the number of users increases, or if large shifts in users due to acquisitions, turnover, etc. occur, it makes sense to automate this process. You have many options for managing your users and their product access, as shown below.

For IT Admins who wish to enable single sign-on (SSO) for their users, provisioning is a key step in the process.

Topics in this article:

Manually provision users

Automatically provision users

Manually provision users

Our Admin Center allows you to manually manage the users within your LogMeIn account, and to enable each user with one or more LogMeIn products.

Automatically provision users

If you have a large number of users or frequent changes in provisioning status, you can streamline the IT workflow by setting up automated user provisioning rather than doing it manually through the Admin Center. Automatic provisioning sets up a connection between your GoTo products and your organization's user directory (such as Active Directory or a third-party Identity Provider).

  • Use the Active Directory Connector, our custom provisioning tool
    LogMeIn offers a custom tool designed for you to connect your Active Directory account with your LogMeIn product account and then use it to automatically provision users and their product access. Learn more.
  • Use a third-party Identity Provider that offers automated provisioning
    Many third-party Identity and Access Management partners offer automatic provisioning as part of their feature set. You can learn more about setting up automatic provisioning within the support documentation for the following providers:
  • Build a custom solution using APIs
    You might choose to have your development team build a custom solution for your organization instead using the SCIM APIs and Administration REST APIs.
    * SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) is a specification that lets you manage users within your domain organization entity.


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