Set product defaults in Admin Center

The Admin Settings page contains product defaults that, once set, apply to all users on your account who have access to the products. You can also edit your account name.

On this page, you can:

Edit GoToMeeting settings

1. Log in to the Admin Center.

2. Select Admin Settings from the left navigation.

Upload or remove a logo

You can upload a .gif or.jpg file (up to 400 x 200 pixels and 100 KB) by clicking Upload and selecting the image you would like as your logo. Attendees will see the logo on the main meeting screen. (The main meeting screen is hidden during screen sharing.)

Enable or disable co-organizers

Co-organizers are enabled by default: organizers can select co-organizers within the account to start and share their meetings. To change this and require all meetings to be limited to a single organizer, click Edit next to Co-organizers and choose Disabled.

View unidentified callers

Unidentified phone callers are phone-only attendees, or callers who do not enter their audio PIN when they join. Enable this to view all attendees in the Attendee list during a meeting. This setting can be applied to individual organizers or groups of organizers and will impact all scheduled and future meetings.

InRoom Link for Video Conferencing Rooms & Systems

This feature is displayed only for accounts that are provisioned with GoToMeeting 100 and GoToMeeting Plus. When enabled, attendees can join meetings using video conferencing rooms and systems.

Enable Business Messaging

You can choose to enable Business Messaging (disabled by default), which will invite organizers to try the chat feature of GoToMeeting v9 once they log in to their own accounts. Once the option is enabled, you can also configure whether organizers can share files and/or allow them to invite and message other users outside of your organization. Learn more.

Create custom user fields

Custom user fields allow you to define and populate a set of fields for your users. You can create organizational identifiers, usage or user types, etc. A limited, predefined set of fields can be pulled in from the Active Directory if you are using the Active Directory Connector (ADC). Custom user fields display on the User Details screen and in user reports.

1. In the Admin Center, click Admin Settings in the left navigation.

2. Click the Add a Custom Field button.

3. Enter a custom field name, you can include numeric and alpha characters. Click Save.

4. Once created, you can learn how to map your custom fields to user attributes in the Active Directory Connector.


Add users to your account

Set up user groups in the Admin Center

Set up email invite templates

Manage admin activities