Schedule a meeting with InRoom Link

If InRoom Link video conference room support is enabled for an account, organizers will see the video conference room attendee option on the invites generated for their meetings.

IMPORTANT: Video conference room systems cannot join meetings that have been scheduled as password protected.

Meeting invite including a video conference room

Organizer options for invites

The invites are a full set of available join options. Send the join method(s) you want to the invitees you want.

  • Send the invites as is to enable any invitee to use InRoom Link to attend the meeting
  • Send the invites to selected attendees and delete the InRoom Link join information for all other attendees (for instance, if only certain individuals can use the meeting room system)
  • Delete the video conferencing option from all invites before sending

Invites for previously scheduled meetings

If any meetings - recurring or otherwise - were scheduled while InRoom was not enabled, the invites generated at the time the meetings were scheduled would not have included the specialized join instructions. You can generate a new invite for an existing meeting in order to get the InRoom Link join information.

1. Open your GoToMeeting organizer page at

2. In the MY MEETINGS tab, locate the meeting you want a new invite for and click the head icon .

3. The new invite text displays. Copy and paste the information into your invite emails and resend them as needed.


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