Run the ADC v1.5

For normal operations, open and start the Active Directory Connector (ADC), and set the polling frequency. Users added to or removed from the Active Directory groups linked to the ADC are automatically provisioned (or de-provisioned) with no further intervention.

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Run the ADC

1. Locate the ADC on your computer:

  • Desktop icon: 
  • Start menu
  • From the installation folder

2. Double-click to start the application. The ADC opens on the Operations tab. Click Start to start the ADC queries.

3. Set the Active Directory polling time(in seconds). The default polling time is set to 15 seconds – full range is 0 to 30,000 seconds. Alerts (see Manage ADC Provisioning) occur based on events between polls. Set polling periods and event thresholds accordingly. Assume roughly one event every half second or 500 milliseconds.

4. If you need to modify the configuration file for any reason, click Stop to shut down the ADC.

Adding users

Adding a new user consists of including them in the proper Active Directory group(s).

1. Add users to the appropriate Active Directory group or groups for product provisioning.

2. Optional: In the ADC, verify that the new user appears in the User page of the ADC, typically in the Unmatched AD users pane. The users will be automatically provisioned with the GoTo products defined for their groups.

Deleting users

Removing a user consists of removing them from your Active Directory and then making sure they are automatically removed in the ADC.

1. Delete the user in Active Directory. They are automatically deleted from the provisioning groups in Active Directory.

2. The user is also automatically deleted in the Active Directory Connector. It is a good idea to verify that the deleted user is removed. If not, the user may be unmatched to an Active Directory group. In that case:

3. Select the Users tab in ADC.

4. Click Activate edit mode and wait until you see Edit mode: Active in the bottom-right corner.

7. Click Deactivate edit mode and wait until you see Edit mode: Inactive.

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