Report Audio Issues

Help us improve our audio! If you are experiencing issues with your VoIP audio connection during a session, you can use GoToMeeting to record a sample of audio and send it to the GoToMeeting development team. Doing so can help us collect more thorough data and better diagnose commonly encountered audio issues.

Note: Please note that this feature is meant to provide feedback to the GoToMeeting team, but it is not intended as a forum for you to request assistance. Instead, you can use the GoToMeeting Community forums for troubleshooting or contact Customer Care if they need immediate assistance or wish to speak with a representative.

Report issues from the desktop app

  1. Select the Report Audio Issues option in either place:
    • Click GoToMeeting in the top navigation.
    • Click the Options icon on the Audio tab of the Options pane.

    Note: These options will not be available if the session is already being recorded, since GoToMeeting needs to record a sample of the audio in order to submit the feedback.

2. A window will pop up and explain that once they click Report Audio Issues, GoToMeeting will automatically begin recording 60 seconds of audio data from each attendee or organizer who is connected to the meeting via microphone and speakers (attendees connected by telephone will not record). Click Report Audio Issues to continue.

Note: Organizers should warn their attendees to refrain from discussing topics of a confidential nature, since the recording sample will be sent to the GoToMeeting development team.

3. GoToMeeting will automatically begin recording a 60-second sample of audio. Once it is finished, a final feedback window will pop up. Organizers can select which issues they are experiencing, provide a more detailed description of the audio, then click Send Feedback to submit their feedback to GoToMeeting.

Report issues from the Web App

Select "Report audio issues" in two places:

  • Click the Settings icon in the Web App toolbar
  • Click the Questions icon in the Web App toolbar


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