Original Control Panel, Grab Tab and Viewer (Windows Organizer)

When you start or join a session, the Control Panel provides you with access to the in-session features and tools that GoToMeeting offers. The Control Panel has been given a new design that allows you to customize GoToMeeting to your own style and preference, including collapsing and rearranging the panes to whichever order works best for you and easily separating out some or all panes so that you can re-size them and move them where you want.

Note: If you are running Windows and your Control Panel looks different than the one shown below, please see Using the Control Panel (Windows and Mac).

Topics in this article:

Original design vs. new design

Session controls

Audio controls

Attendee controls

Additional Features

Original design vs. new design

The new Control Panel and Grab Tab have the same functionality as the original design, just with an updated look and increased prominence of important features. Check out a side-by-side comparison below!

Control Panel

(a) Session controls: The most important features for controlling your session have been consolidated into 3 buttons and 2 tabs for easy access:

(b) Audio controls: You can still control your audio mode in the same way as before:

(c)  Attendee controls: You can still view and manage attendees in the same way as before:

(d) Chat: You can still exchange instant chat messages with other attendees in the same way as before:

(e) Recording controls: You can still start, pause and stop recording in the same way as before:

  • Record a Session – Record the presenter's screen, audio and shared applications during a session, then upload and store the recording for people to view.

(f) Additional features: The File, Options, View and Help options have been consolidated into the GoToMeeting drop-down menu:

Grab Tab

(a) Expand/minimize: You can still expand the Grab Tab into the Control Panel in the same way as before.

(b) Session controls: The most important features for controlling your session can still be accessed on the Grab Tab. Simply hover over the Screen and Webcam buttons to see the Pause/Start controls.

(c) Additional features: Rather than including specific buttons, the new Grab Tab allows you to click the Daisy icon to access drawing tools, Labs and other features.

(d) New feature! This Grab Tab allows you to separate out the Attendees and Chat panes directly from the Grab Tab while keeping the rest of the Control Panel minimized.

Session controls

  • Share your screen: Broadcast your screen or an application to attendees during a session using the Start , Pause and Stop buttons in the Screen Sharing pane. You can choose what part of your screen to share using the "Show My" drop-down menu.
  • Give keyboard and mouse control: Allow other attendees to share control of your screen while presenting. Use the Give Keyboard and Mouse button to grant access to attendees.
  • Change Presenter: Allow other attendees to broadcast their own screens to attendees. Use the Change Presenter button to select a new presenter.
  • Record a session: Record the presenter's screen and all audio during a session. Use the Start Recording button to record a session.

  • Share webcams: Broadcast your webcam to other attendees while in session. Use the Share My Webcam button or Webcams drop-down menu to start or stop sharing your webcam.

Audio controls

  • Change audio mode: Choose whether to dial in via phone or connect to the audio with your computer's mic and speakers.
  • Manage beeps and chimes: Enable or disable the on-hold beeps (which play until another attendee joins) and the entry/exit chimes (which play whenever an attendee joins or leaves the session).
  • Talking notification: See which attendee is currently speaking.

Attendee controls

  • Mute controls: Mute or unmute other attendees by right-clicking their name and selecting Mute <attendee>, or mute/unmute all attendees at once using the buttons .
  • Promote to organizer: Make an attendee a co-organizer of a meeting by right-clicking their name and selecting Make Organizer.
  • Hide Attendee/Chat panes: Hide the Attendee and/or Chat panes from some attendees by right-clicking their name and selecting the appropriate menu item(s).
  • Use drawing tools: Allow another attendee to use drawing tools by right-clicking their name and selecting Allow Drawing.
  • Invite attendees: Invite other attendees to join the session by clicking the Invite Others button .
  • Dismiss attendees: Dismiss an attendee from the session by right-clicking their name and selecting Dismiss <attendee>.

Additional Features

  • Chat: Use the Chat pane at the bottom of the Control Panel to exchange instant messages with other attendees, either privately or to the entire audience. You can also save the chat log using the File menu.
  • Drawing tools: Annotate directly on your screen to highlight or call attention to certain parts of the shared screen by clicking the Drawing Tools button in the Grab Tab.
  • Labs: Experiment with various beta features that you can use to enhance your meeting, which you can access under File > Labs.
  • Modify info: You can edit your own name and email address or the meeting subject using the File menu.
  • Preferences: Access the GoToMeeting preferences under the File menu.