Manage Phone Audio via Keypad Commands

When participants are connected via telephone, they can use their telephone's keypad to manage the audio of the conference call. Below is a list of the different keypad commands that are available.

All participants

  • *3 – Turn "on-hold" beeps on or off
  • *4 – Hear a menu of keypad commands available to you.
  • *6 – Mute or unmute your audio.

Organizers only

  • *2 – Hear the number of attendees currently dialed in via telephone.
  • *7 – Record the meeting. After pressing the command, you must press 1 to start the recording. Press *7 and then 1 again to stop recording.
  • *5 – Change the "listening mode" of all attendees. . Pressing this command repeatedly will cycle through the following modes:
    • Soft mute: All attendees are automatically muted, but they can unmute themselves if desired.
    • Hard mute: All attendees are automatically muted and cannot unmute themselves.
    • Unmute: All attendees are automatically unmuted (default mode).
  • *8 – Change the "chime controls". Pressing this command repeatedly will cycle through the following modes: 
    • Both entry and exit chimes on (default)
    • Both entry and exit chimes off
  • *09 – Report audio issues with a 60 second recording. If you hear a "Your entry is not valid" response, select *0.


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