Join Sessions Muted

By default, when you first join a session using the desktop app your audio will automatically be muted. This helps us improve the audio experience by reducing the feedback and background noise that is created when multiple attendees are joining session simultaneously.

You can change this setting at any time if you would prefer to join sessions with your audio unmuted.

Topics in this article:

Unmute yourself

Enable/disable joining muted

Enable/disable joining muted for your attendees


Unmute yourself

To unmute (or re-mute yourself), simply click the Mic button in the Control Panel.


Enable/disable joining muted

You can choose to join meetings muted (unless you are the organizer), which will improve audio quality and help prevent feedback and echo. Please note that this preference can be overridden by the organizer if they have their setting set to "Mute attendees automatically when joining".

1. Open your desktop app's Preferences (Windows and Mac).

2. Go to the Meetings tab.

3. Enable or disable the "Mute me when joining a meeting" check box.

4. On Windows, click Save when finished.


Enable/disable joining muted for your attendees

You can choose to have your attendees join your session muted. This is recommended for reducing audio feedback and noise during joining.

Note: Enabling this setting will override all attendee preferences (e.g., if you enable the new "mute attendees" setting while the attendee has the "mute when joining" preference disabled for themselves, they will still be muted when they join).

Learn more about enabling or disabling "join muted" for attendees.


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