Join a meeting as an InRoom Link attendee

You can join a meeting from a video conference room system using GoToMeeting InRoom Link. InRoom Link lets you join the room as an attendee using a special join string. The room attendee shares audio and video, and receives audio, video and screen sharing on the room system. The room attendee cannot be made organizer or presenter, or participate in chat. Typically, one or more individual meeting attendees in the room will join the meeting and participate as needed in presentation and chat.

InRoom Link attendees cannot be organizers. The InRoom Link experience does not include organizer controls (such as the ability to mute or unmute other attendees, or the ability to make someone a presenter). For this reason, meetings cannot be started from a video conferencing system. They must be started as an ordinary GoToMeeting session from either a laptop or mobile device. This meeting host device does not necessarily have to be in the room where the conference system is located.


Place the join call

The specifics vary between systems but follow the same general steps.

1. Open the invitation and locate the join string. For example 999.999.999.999##111222333 where:

  • 999.999.999.999 is the GoToMeeting video conferencing server
  • ## is a required separator (for the Cisco format, see Note below)
  • 111222333 is the meeting ID

IMPORTANT: Cisco systems use a different sequence and an ampersand. For example: 111222333@999.999.999.999.

2. Using the remote or keyboard for your video conference system, choose the Call (or Dial Out), etc. option.

3. In the number entry, enter the full join string formatted for your system.

4. Choose the Call option to place the call.

Mute all but one joined device in the conference room. This eliminates feedback and echoes.

The video conference room experience

If the organizer has not yet started the meeting, conference room attendees will see the Waiting for Organizer screen.

When the meeting starts, the conference room is launched as an attendee.

The meeting experience for all attendees is a shared display area that includes a shared screen (if one is being shared), up to 25 webcams of other users who are sharing their webcams, the meeting room's own webcam, and any menus and messaging above, beside, and below these display elements. The attendees in the room will see their conference room webcam as a separate floating box on the screen. Other attendees will see the conference room webcam as one of the standard meeting webcams.

In addition, because the video conference room attendee is devoted to displaying meeting content for all participants in that room, the session does not display a GoToMeeting control panel. It therefore does not enable:

  • Chat
  • Status displays - mute state, recording
  • Being a presenter
  • Being an organizer or co-organizer

Make sure to mute all but one of the joined devices in any conference room. This avoids feedback and echoes.

IMPORTANT: If the organizer or someone in the room mutes the room, there is no visual display of this state. Neither does the display show whether the meeting is being recorded. The organizer can see both these states, and can manage them as needed.

Inviting others during the meeting

As always, once a meeting has started, you can choose the Invite icon to invite additional people to the meeting. However, the in-session invite will NOT include the InRoom Link join string. You will either need to go back to the original invite, or go back to the Schedule a Meeting screen and regenerate an invite in order to get the proper join link.


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