GoToMeeting v9 Overview

The new GoToMeeting is an all-in-one collaboration tool that allows you to chat with people inside and outside of your company as well as join, host and schedule meetings! With a couple clicks, you can go from chatting to meeting with face-to-face collaboration, and immediately back to chatting. Learn more.

The features that are available on your account may vary depending on your subscription plan.

Use GoToMeeting v9


Manage your status, profile and notification settings

Most of the additional features of GoToMeeting v9 can be accessed via the Profile icon at the top of the left toolbar. Start there to explore everything else the new GoToMeeting has to offer.

  • To set your status, click your icon and select the desired state (i.e., available, hard at work, or away).
  • To change your profile picture, click Profile & Settings then Meeting settings. This will take you to your Settings page, where you can enable your personal meeting room (GoToMeet.Me link). Then edit your personal meeting room's settings and upload a photo.
  • To change how GoToMeeting v9 notifies you of incoming chats, click Profile & Settings then Notifications.
  • To change your meeting experience, click Profile & Settings then Meeting. Note that this setting is only available to users on paid plans only.
    • To continue using the new and constantly improving meeting experience within the GoToMeeting v9 app, select New GoToMeeting Experience.
    • To continue using the classic desktop app with additional features, select Classic GoToMeeting Experience.