GoToConference Calendar Integration (Beta)

Integrate your Google, Office 365 or Exchange calendar service with GoToConference! This will allow you to set a GoToConference room as the meeting location from your calendar and to view upcoming meetings scheduled in the room directly from the hardware! Before you begin to schedule meetings and assign rooms from your calendar, you must authorize Cronofy Enterprise Connect to seamlessly integrate your calendar.

Add a calendar

Administrators can add a calendar service and start the integration process from the Admin Center.

1. Log in at

2. Select Admin Settings in the left menu.

3. The GoToConference Calendar Integration field offers integration with Google, Office 365, and Microsoft Exchange.

4. Select the desired calendar tab and finish integrating your calendar.

Note: If you are connecting a Google account, you must have administrator access to your organization's account to install the app.

Manage calendars and assign rooms

After integrating your calendar service to Cronofy, you're ready to add a calendar to a GoToConference room and manage rooms from the Admin Center!

1. Select Manage Rooms in the left menu.

2. Click Add calendar for the desired room from either flows:

  • From the list of available rooms, click Add calendar next to the desired room (under Resource calendar)
  • From the room details page, click Add calendar in the Room Calendar field

3. Select the calendar you'd like to assign to the room.
4. Once assigned, you will be able to schedule a meeting from your calendar and set that GoToConference room as the meeting location! Then head over to the room and see your scheduled meeting on the list of upcoming meetings on the home screen.


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