Download GoToMeeting v9

You can use GoToMeeting v9 directly from your web browser or you can download the desktop software. Both options provide the full set of meeting features! 

Join Business Messaging and GoToMeetingv9

If your administrator enabled Business Messaging for your account, you'll see an invitation to try out the feature after logging in to your account.

1. Click Join the conversation! to get started.

2. The web browser version of GoToMeeting v9 will launch prompting you to confirm your email address.

2. Open your email inbox and confirm the "Welcome" email. This will again open the web browser with a "Welcome!" message. Click Get Started. Note that if you have previously downloaded the app before, the GoToMeeting v9 app will launch.

3. You can take a quick tour of GoToMeeting v9 or skip the tour and start collaborating!

4. To install the GoToMeeting v9 desktop software to your computer, click the Profile icon at the top of the left toolbar. You'll find the Windows and Mac download links in Profile & Settings.

Install GoToMeeting v9

If your administrator disabled Business Messaging for your account, you can still use GoToMeeting v9 to schedule, host and join meetings! To use Business Messaging, contact your administrator.


GoToMeeting v9 Overview

Enable Business Messaging

Chat with Others Using Business Messaging

Schedule and Join a Meeting with GoToMeeting v9