Call Me is now available on your account!

Call Me is one of GoToMeeting's phone audio options and is the easiest way for you and your attendees to join the audio conference of a GoToMeeting session via telephone. For participants who wish to connect to audio using the Phone Call option, Call Me allows them to simply enter their phone number and wait for the phone to ring instead of manually dialing the telephone and entering the access code and Audio PIN.

Since you currently use OpenVoice Integrated to provide your participants with toll-free phone numbers, Call Me is now available as an optional setting for you to provide your organizers and attendees. Ready to get started? Learn how to enable this setting for some or all of your organizers below so that they can join meetings faster than ever.

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Enable for existing organizers

Enable in Settings Template(s)

Learn more

  • Call Me is only available for U.S. and Canada phone numbers at this time.
  • The cost for Call Me is the same as for toll-free phone numbers.
  • Call Me is now an option on your account, but it will not be visible to any of your organizers (or their attendees) unless you choose to enable it.
  • You can enable Call Me for any existing organizers that also have toll-free phone number enabled under User Settings.
  • You can enable Call me for any new organizers by modifying your new user Settings Template(s).

Enable for existing organizers

You can enable Call Me setting for any of your existing users in the same way that you manage other user settings.

1. Log in to the Admin Center at

2. Click User Settings in the left navigation.

3. Use the check boxes in the Name column to select the desired organizer(s).

5. Scroll down to "2) Change Settings" and click the Call Me option.

6. Select the setting you would like:

  • On: If you want Call Me to be automatically enabled for all of your organizer's future meetings, use this option. They will be able to turn it off if desired.
  • Off: If you want the organizers to decide if Call Me is right for them and their meetings, you have it be visible as an option but in the "off" state until they choose to enable it.

7. Click  Save.

Enable in Settings Template(s)

You can also change the Settings Template(s) to disable Call Me (or turn it off by default) for new organizers or existing organizers using the template.

1. Log in to the Admin Center at

2. Click Admin Settings in the left navigation.

3. Under Settings Templates, click Edit.

4. Find the desired templates, then click the Settings icon next to it.

5. "Call Me" will be listed as an option with the status set to "On." Click On to open the options window, then select what state you would before (on, off by default or completely disabled).

6. Click Save when finished.