Become an Android Beta Tester for GoToMeeting

As a GoToMeeting organizer, you may want to use more features during meetings to engage and interact with your attendees. The Android beta program offers just that! When you opt in to become a beta tester for our Android app, you will have a chance to try our the newest features while we are still working on them (and to help us improve with your feedback!). When you opt in, you will be switched over from using the default GoToMeeting app to the special beta app.

Note: This article is meant for organizers only. Are you just trying to join a meeting? See Join Meetings via Android!


Become an Android beta tester

Once you opt in to becoming a beta tester, you will have access to all the new beta features we are currently working on (and will eventually transition into the regular app).

1. On your Android device, go to the GoToMeeting app in the Google Play Store.

2. Scroll down to the "Become a beta tester" box.

3. After selecting I'm in > Join, you will be added to the beta program. The "become a beta tester" box will then be replaced with a "Beta signup in progress..." message. Keep in mind that beta signup may take a couple minutes.

4. You will see a "You're now a beta tester. Awesome!" message when you're ready to Update (if GoToMeeting is already downloaded onto your phone) or Install (if GoToMeeting hasn't been downloaded yet to your phone). Updating or installing will switch you from the default version of the app to the special beta version.

Note: Once you become a beta tester, you will only see beta updates and will be able to download the latest beta version. To opt out of being a beta tester, you can go back to the GoToMeeting app in the Google Play Store, scroll down and select Leave > Leave.

Enter Driving Mode

Are you driving but need to attend a meeting? Practice safe hands-free driving by switching to audio-only mode! When you are in a moving vehicle, the GoToMeeting app will detect that and will ask if you'd like to enter "Driving Mode". This will enable an audio-only connection and will disable anything that can be distracting (camera feeds and shared screens), and will make tapping to mute and unmute easy to do without taking your hands off the road. You can even manually enter Driving Mode to save data and battery life!

Enter Driving Mode in either of the following ways:

  • Select Enter Driving Mode when GoToMeeting launches the "Driving?" screen
  • Select the More icon > Enter Driving Mode > Enter Driving Mode

You can return to the regular meeting with camera feeds and shared screens by selecting Exit Driving Mode at the top of the screen.


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