Acquire a consumerKey for the ADC v1.5

A developer consumerKey (or APIKey) is required to communicate on a trusted basis with GoTo servers. To implement the Active Directory Connector, you must create a developer account, and then request that the account be set to Production status.

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NOTE: This procedure assumes you have an active GoTo corporate account, and that you have the Administrative login for the account. If you do not have a corporate account, contact sales.

1. Register for a development account at

2. Create an app on the site for GoToMeeting or OpenVoice. GoToMeeting provides the organizer account needed to connect with the Admin Center for GoToMeeting, GoToTraining and GoToWebinar. Save the app, and when you open the app on the My Apps page, the consumerKey is displayed on the Keys tab.

You can access the MyApps page at any time from the Home page ( click Building with access to a key.

3. All new developer accounts are Test accounts by default and lack adequate permissions to manage users and provisioning. Set your developer account to Production status by emailing and requesting that your account be changed to Production for the Active Directory Connector.

Include the following information:

  • consumerKey
  • Application Name: AD Connector
  • App Product: GoToMeeting
  • Application URL: your company’s home page

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