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GoToAssist Service Desk Full Overview

A full, recorded, overview of GoToAssist Service Desk.


GoToAssist Service Desk Setting up a Service

Learn to set up a service with GoToAssist's Service Desk.


GoToAssist Service Desk Getting Started

Getting started with GoToAssist's Service Desk.

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What's new in GoToAssist Service Desk?

Keep track of what's going on with GoToAssist Service Desk and learn about our newest features and changes.

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Enable the Active Directory integration

Learn how you can use our Active Directory integration so that your customers can self-register on your customer portal.

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Learn more about our mobile app

Create and manage incidents from your iOS device while on the go.

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Post messages to your users

Create new announcements that can be posted on the dashboard and/or customer portal.

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Create custom fields for new records

Collect more information that is specific to your organization's needs by managing custom fields.

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Import multiple incidents at once

Import historical incident data from a former data-management system.

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Improve workflows with tasks

Assign tasks to your users so they can be held accountable for record management.

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Enable beta features

Opt-in for beta features (Labs) to try out our latest in-development innovations.

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Use the Service Desk API

Download this guide to learn how to use the Service Desk API and view the available calls.

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