"Sorry Your Account Could Not Be Created" When Logging In Through The Active Directory Pass Through.


I'm getting the error message "Sorry your account could not be created." when attempting to log into my customer portal through the Active Directory pass-through.



Service Desk
Active Directory Pass-through on Customer Portal
All Browsers
All OSes




The customer's email address is being self-registered to a Company which does not have default access to the services set under Service Desk Settings / Customer Access


  1. Log into Service Desk as an Administrator
  2. Click Configure in the top right corner of the page
  3. Click Customer Access
  4. Note which services are listed as Default Services
  5. Click Configure
  6. Select Companies
  7. Select the Company that the user is being registered to
  8. Select Services
  9. Adjust the Company Services to give Default Access to the same services as noted in Step 2.
  10. Select Save
  11. Attempt to log in through the Active Directory pass-through again

Additional Information

If this does not resolve the problem, check article