How can I notify more than one User for a generated Incident?



To have (2) or more Users notified when an Incident is generated by a Customer, add the Users to a Group. Once a Group is created, the Group can be made the Default Assignee. All Users in the Group will be emailed, and then, if desired, can log in and Assign themselves to the Incident to take ownership.


GoToAssist Service Desk


To Create a Group:

  1. Click on Configure
  2. Click on Groups
  3. Create New Group
  4. Give your Group a Name
  5. Check mark "Send email to individual's addresses)
  6. Click on Services and add associated Services
  7. Click on Members and add Users
  8. Click Save

To make the Group the Default Assignee:
  1. Click on Configure
  2. Click on Services
  3. Select the Service
  4. Click on Incidents
  5. Click on Default Selections
  6. Select the Group for both Default Assignee and Default Assignee (for customer created incidents)
  7. Click on Save

Now, when a Customer submits an Incident, everyone in the Group will be notified and can Assign the Incident to themselves if desired.




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