View and Manage Configuration Items

Much like any Service Desk record, each Configuration Item has a page that shows both details about the Item itself, as well as how it is related to the rest of your CMDB.

Open a Configuration Item to see the following:

Details Tab

This section includes the basic details about the Configuration Item, all of which can be edited. You can also add additional text fields to include as many details about the Configuration Item as needed.

Discussion Tab

Each Configuration Item includes a place for agents to include comments and add attachments (50 MB max), allowing them to keep others in the loop with what's happening to a particular Configuration Item. There is also a spot to add agents to the watchlist and notify watchlisted individuals when changes are made, which allows further transparency into the timeline of the Configuration Item's evolution.
Note: Account admins can click Delete to permanently remove a technician and/or customer comment.

Relationships Tab

This sections display the relationships that this Configuration Item has with others on the account, including the dependencies they have on each other. See About Configuration Management for more information about viewing and managing relationships.


Like all Service Desk records, Configuration Items include related Incidents, Problems, Changes, Releases and Knowledge articles in the right navigation. You can also add and removed these links from this page, as well as view all activity on the Configuration Item under. This helps give context around what's happening and/or changing for a particular Configuration Item.

View Map

You can view a map of the relationships for any Configuration Item, which provides a great way to visualize the relationships between your Configuration Items and understand the overall hierarchy of your CMDB. To access the map for any Configuration Item, click the map icon at the top of the page.


Getting Started with Configuration Management

Create & Delete Configuration Items