Using the Admin Center

Account admins can use the Admin Center to manage users and settings for their entire account. Depending on the size of the account, admins may choose to manage users and provision manually or automatically (as noted below).

Log in to the Admin Center

Admins can log in at If you attempt to log in and cannot access the Admin Center, then you have not been given admin rights on your account and should contact an administrator on your account to make that change.

Set up the Admin Center

We recommend the following sequence of tasks to get started with the Admin Center.

Step #1: Set up your account

Step #2: Add users and manage their settings

Step #3: Analyze the account and activities

Admin Center

Managing user tasks in the Admin Center

Because the Admin Center is used by both large and small organizations, user tasks are available as a set of activities applied to any selection of users - an effective model for smaller organizations - or applied to defined groups - a good model for larger organizations.

Any changes made to products, settings, etc. - whether to one user, a selection of users, or a group - overwrite the impacted current settings. For a single user you can view the current settings before changing them. With a group, you can also view the current settings for the group members as long as you have not altered settings separately for any members of the group. For sets of users based on filters or user selection, you can no longer view the current settings because not all users in the set have the same settings.

For larger organizations

A rule of thumb would be: place your users in groups, assign those groups settings templates during the add user step, and when you make any updates, filter for and select groups.


Manage Account-Wide Settings

Manually Add Users to Your Account

Manage Feature Settings for Users

Create Reports in the Admin Center

View Administrative Activity History