Subscribe After Free Trial

Note: This feature is available to account administrators only.

You can choose to convert your free trial to a monthly or annual subscription plan once the trial period is complete.

  1. Log in at
  2. Go to Configure > My Account.
  3. Next to the plan details for the desired module, click Subscribe after Trial.

  1. The "Enter Your Billing Information" page opens with your current GoToAssist modules displayed. By default, a monthly plan will be selected. Click Edit in the GoToAssist Plan Details pane to change the plan.

  1. Choose the desired monthly or annual plan and the number of agents, then click Review Your Plan to continue.

  1. Enter your billing information, then click Continue.
  2. Review your plan information and click Purchase Now.
  3. Follow Steps #4#7 for each module that you want to include in your new subscription plan.


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