Remove Knowledge Articles

Knowledge articles can be removed by either removing them from the list of published articles, or by deleting them completely.

Topics in this article:

Close a knowledge article

Delete a knowledge article

Close a knowledge article

Knowledge articles that are closed will be removed from view for agents and customers, but will still be accessible from the Knowledge dashboard and can be re-published if desired.

1. Open the article to be closed.

2. Click Close.

3. Fill out the closure details and click Save.

4. The article can be re-published by clicking Re-open knowledge article.

Delete a knowledge article

Deleting knowledge articles removes them from the account completely. Deleted articles cannot be re-published.

1. Open the article to be deleted.

2. Click Delete Knowledge Article.

3. A warning message cautions that this cannot be undone. Click I'm scared, don't delete this to cancel, or Yes I'm sure! Just delete it! to continue.


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