Remove Knowledge Articles

Knowledge articles can be removed by either removing them from the list of published articles, or by deleting them completely.

Close a knowledge article

Knowledge articles that are closed will be removed from view for agents and customers, but will still be accessible from the Knowledge dashboard and can be re-published if desired.

1. Open the article to be closed.

2. Click Close.

3. Fill out the closure details and click Save.

4. The article can be re-published by clicking Re-open knowledge article.

Delete a knowledge article

Note: Once deleted, the data will no longer be accessible within your account, however, the data remains stored within our system.

Deleting knowledge articles removes them from the account completely. Deleted articles cannot be re-published.

1. Open the article to be deleted.

2. Click Delete Knowledge Article.

3. A warning message cautions that this cannot be undone. Click I'm scared, don't delete this to cancel, or Yes I'm sure! Just delete it! to continue.


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