Create and Delete Configuration Items

You can add new Configuration Items (CIs) one at a time, or you can import them using a CSV file.

Create a Configuration Item manually

  1. Go to Service Desk > Config Management.
  2. Select the appropriate category (and then sub-category, if desired), or create a new one.
  3. Click Create New Config Item.
  4. Use the tabs to fill in the details as follows:
    • Details tab – Enter a name and additional details about the item. Click add more details to add additional text fields, as desired.
      Note:  Any attributes added under Manage Attributes will appear in this section.

    • Discussion tab – Use this tab to track any comments for changes or updates made to the CI, or just to track the general history of the item (for example, you might make a comment if it's a server that was updated to comply with security requirements). This tab should always be updated whenever changes are made to the CI in the future.
      Note: Account admins can click Delete to permanently remove a technician and/or customer comment.

    • Relationships tab – Use the drop-down menus to define the relationships this Configuration Item has to others in your CMDB. Click Add Another to add additional links.
  5. Click Save when finished.

Upload multiple Configuration Items (via CSV)

You can import multiple Configuration Items into a single category (sub-categories not included) by creating and uploading a CSV that contains the appropriate fields (i.e., "Name: string," "Description: text").

Note: Items can only be imported into a single category at a time, so you'll need to create a separate CSV file for each category that you want to upload items into.
  1. Go to Service Desk > Config Management.
  2. Select the category, or create a new one.
  3. Click Import into this category in the right navigation.
  4. Use the "CSV Setup" tips in the right-navigation to create your CSV file(s). You can also click the download sample csv link (or the Export this Category to CSV link on the previous page) to download a form with correct format pre-populated.
    Note: TIP: Try using queries in your existing Access database to create CSV files of your existing data.
  5. Click Browse, select your CSV file and click Upload.
  6. On the Confirm Config Items page, you can review the results and spot any errors under the "Status" column. Click Save to add the Configuration Items.

Delete a Configuration Item

Note: Once deleted, the data will no longer be accessible within your account, however, the data remains stored within our system.
  1. Go to Service Desk > Config Management.
  2. Click the Configuration Item's category, then select the item.
  3. At the bottom of the page, click Delete Config Item.
  4. Click OK when prompted.


Getting Started with Configuration Management

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