When in Session, Setup Unattended is Grey or Unable to be Selected


When Remote Support User is connected to a client, the option to Setup Unattended is grey or unable to click on.



  • GoToAssist Remote Support





  1. Confirm that machine is not in an active RDP session
  2. Make sure that the option to Run as a Service is grey which indicates that the software is running as a service. If the software is not running as a service, then the option needs to be selected and Admin credentials need to be entered.
  3. The Customer side may be a Mac OS. Unattended for a Mac OS must be set up with the installer via the website
  4. Be sure that Unattended is not already installed. To check this, right click on the Customer icon in the system tray (orange triangle). If there is an Unattended Access menu, it is already set up and the Expert should refresh their Inventory.
  5. If the Expert is near the Customer machine, the Installer can be downloaded from the online account and run on the Customer PC to complete installation.
  6. The following Installer can be tried for both Mac OS and Windows PC:

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