Unattended Computer shows as offline


Expert is trying to connect to a Unattended Support Computer but it shows as offline.



  • GoToAssist Remote Support
  • Windows




The Unattended Support software is not communicating with our servers, preventing remote access. This can be for a variety of reasons including loss of power or internet at that location. Resetting the connection may prompt that computer to check in and make it available for connection.


  1. Right-click on system tray icon for the GoToAssist software(Windows)
  2. Click View Unattended Support Computers
  3. Locate the unattended computer in the list,
  4. Click the drop-down arrow next to the Power On button
  5. Click Reset Connection
  6. Wait 2-4 minutes then click Refresh .
  7. If computer continues to appear offline, a person physically present at the remote computer would be needed to troubleshoot.

Additional Information

The same steps apply for resolving this issue on a Mac. Access for Mac user is from the top of their screen under the Windows option.