Black screen when connected to Unattended machine


When Expert is connected to an Unattended machine, there is only a black screen, the Customer display is not visible. 



  • GoToAssist Remote Support
  • Windows 





  1. The Unattended computer must be in Console mode, if there is an Active RDP or Terminal session, Unattended will not function, however an Attended session will still function
  2. Check for any antivirus or internet security that may be blocking remote control. 
  3. Reboot the Unattended machine and be sure that all Windows updates are installed. 
  4. If the Unattended machine happens to be a "headless machine" with no monitor attached, there must be a display driver installed even if no display or adapter is connected. If there is no display driver, there is no display that is projected via Unattended.
  5. Lastly, to rule out the Customer software, it is recommended to uninstall and reinstall GoToAssist Customer and GoTo Opener

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