How to Upgrade to Run as a Service



How to Upgrade to Run as a Service.  The benefits of Running as a Service are the following: 

  • Send the Ctrl-Alt-Del command to the customer's machine. 
  • Allow the customer to switch user profiles without locking you out. 
  • Use Reboot/Reconnect and Reboot in Safe Mode to restart the customer's machine and automatically reconnect to the welcome screen.
  • Request and use login credentials from a customer to reboot or unlock their machine during the current session. 
  • Override User Account Control (UAC), allowing uninterrupted support.
    • Note: Running GoToAssist as a service and logging in as an administrator will not violate or circumvent the security model on the customer’s PC. Access is granted only if the customer is able to log in with the proper credentials of a local or domain administrator. If the service install fails, the session will be run as an application as normal.


GoToAssist Remote Support


  1. Connect to a customer by having them visit or email support invitation
  2. Have the customer enter their name and support key
  3. After connecting, select Tools
  4. Then, select Upgrade to run as service
  5. Enter administrator credentials
The session will restart itself and will be upgraded to running as a service




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