How to Manually Uninstall Unattended Support from a Mac



Manually uninstall GoToAssist Remote Support Unattended Support on macOS


  • GoToAssist Remote Support
  • Unattended Support
  • macOS


Method 1:  Use the GoToAssist Removal Tool

  1. Download the GoToAssist Removal Tool
  2. Extract the .zip file
  3. Run GoToAssist Removal Tool
    • ProTip: If you are alerted that this app is not allowed to run, right click on it and select Open for a one-time bypass
    • Note: The user will be prompted to enter their Mac password
  4. Reboot

Method 2:
1.  Click Finder
2.  Click Go (on Menu Bar)
3.  Select Go to folder
4.  Type: /Library/Application Support/CitrixOnline
5.  Click Go
6.  Drag GoToAssist Customer to the trash
7.  Enter the Mac administrator password when prompted
8.  Click Go (on Menu Bar)
9.  Select Go to folder
10.  Type: /Library/Preferences
11.  Click Go
11.  Drag com.citrixonline.GoToAssist Express.plist to the trash
12.  Drag com.citrixonline.GoToManage.plist to the trash
13.  Click Finder
14.  Click Go (on menu bar)
15.  Select Go to folder
16.  Type: /Library/LaunchAgents
17.  Click Go
18.  Drag com.citrixonline.g2ax.customer.LaunchAgent.plist to the trash
19.  Enter the Mac administrator password when prompted
20.  Click Finder
20.  Click Go (on menu bar)
21.  Select Go to folder
22.  Type: /Library/LaunchDaemons
23.  Click Go
24.  Drag com.citrixonline.g2ax.customer.CommAgent.plist to the trash
25.  Enter your Administrator Password when prompted
26.  Save any data as needed and restart your Mac
27.  Log back into your user account
28.  Click Finder (on Menu Bar)
29.  Select Empty Trash
30. Reboot





Additional Information

NOTE: It is necessary to reboot prior to re-attempting to install Unattended Support after following the above listed process.