Start a New GoToAssist Seeit Session on your Desktop

To connect with your customer, you can start a new GoToAssist Seeit session using the GoToAssist Seeit agent website on your Windows or Mac computer.

Note: For more information about web browser requirements, please see the System Requirements for GoToAssist Seeit Agents.

  1. First, ensure that the customer has installed the GoToAssist Seeit app for Android or iOS.
  2. On your computer, go to
  3. When redirected to the Secure Login page, enter in your GoToAssist Seeit account credentials (i.e., email address and password). If you do not have a GoToAssist Seeit account, sign up for a free trial of GoToAssist Seeit here!
  4. Click Sign In.

  1. Click Start a session to create a new GoToAssist Seeit session (or click Try it today to try our newGoToAssist Seeit v2.0 product).

  1. Select your desired invitation language and share the displayed support key with your customer so that they can join your support session.

  1. If you are hosting your first GoToAssist Seeit session, when your customer joins the session you will be prompted to allow your web browser to access your microphone. Click Allowor Always Share to grant access so that you can speak with your customer during your session. Once you have allowed access to your microphone, your web browser will store this setting, and you will not be prompted in future sessions.

  1. If you have blocked access to your microphone, click the Audio Settings icon in the address bar of your web browser, then click the Always allow or Always share option to allow GoToAssist Seeit to access to your microphone during sessions. For the settings to change, this will require you to restart your web browser and start a new session.

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