Manage Shared Seats

There are two types of seat subscriptions that are available in GoToAssist Remote Support and Service Desk: Named seats and Shared (i.e., Concurrent) seats. If you find that you need to add more Named seats on your account, you can change your subscription plan online. However, if you need additional Shared seats for your account, please contact GoToAssist.

Topics in this article:

About named and shared seats

Occupying a shared seat

Grant shared seats to agents

View agents by seat type

Clear shared seats

Log in with a shared seat

About named and shared seats

Agents may be given access to GoToAssist Remote Support and/or Service Desk through either of the following seat options:

  • Named seats – Named seats are assigned to a unique individual. If agents are assigned a named seat, this means that the assigned seat belongs to them and them only. This ensures that they will always be able to access Remote Support and/or Service Desk, regardless of how many other agents are also accessing it.
  • Shared seats – Shared (i.e., "concurrent") seats are "open" or "shared" amongst multiple agents on the account. If agents are assigned a shared seat, this means that they share a fixed number of seats with a potentially larger pool of agents (e.g., 15 or more agents may share 10 seats). As such, they will only be able to access Remote Support and/or Service Desk if there is a free seat available for use (e.g., if there are 10 agents currently occupying 10 shared seats, the 11th agent must wait until a seat is not being used).

It is possible for agents to have a few different combinations of named and shared seats for both modules. The following are examples of seat combinations that an agent might hold:

Occupying a shared seat

Shared seats are considered “occupied” in the following situations:

Remote Support

  • Agent is logged in to the agent app (on desktop or mobile) and has created a new session, but not actively connected to a customer (i.e., they have generated a new support key).
  • Agent is actively connected in an attended or unattended support session (from Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android).

Service Desk

  • Agent is logged in to (from Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android).
  • Agent is logged in to the GoToAssist Service Desk app for iOS.

Grant shared seats to agents

Administrators or managers with "add/delete users" and "manage seats" privileges can grant and remove access to shared seats the same way they do so for named seats, as follows:

  1. Log in to the Admin Center.
  2. Click Add Users on the menu in the left navigation, or select Manage Users and select an existing agent.
  3. In the Products pane, select the type of seat(s) the agent should have. You can view your current seat count in the "Product Seats" section in the left navigation.

  • If all seats for 1 or both of the products have been taken, a message, "Insufficient seats..." will appear when you create a new user or edit an existing user's products. This means you will need to remove a product seat from another agent, add more Named seats online by changing your plan, or add more Shared seats by contacting GoToAssist.

  1. Click Save when finished.

View agents by seat type

You can use the filters in the Admin Center to view agents by their seat type (i.e., named or shared) as follows:

  1. Log in to the Admin Center.
  2. Click Manage Users on the menu in the left navigation.
  3. In the "Filter category" drop-down menu, select Seats.
  4. In the "Filter by" drop-down menu, make a selection under "By Seat" (e.g., GoToAssist Remote Support Shared).

Clear shared seats

When shared seats are occupied, they must first be cleared before another agent can use them. Seats can be cleared by either (a) an administrator or manager (with the "manage seats" privilege) or (b) an agent occupying a shared seat.

Note: Only administrators or managers with the "manage seats" privilege have the ability to clear seats via the Admin Center. Please note that clearing a seat will not affect an agent's active session(s).

Clear a shared seat (admins or managers only)

Administrators or managers may sometimes need to manually free up a shared seat by dismissing the agent currently occupying it, as follows:

  1. Log in to the Admin Center.
  2. Click Manage Shared Sessions on the menu in the left navigation.
  3. Locate the agent occupying the shared seat and click End Session. Please note that if an agent is actively in support session(s) when their seat is cleared, their in-flight sessions will not be affected.

  1. On the End Session Dialog prompt, click End Session.
  2. A confirmation message will appear in the top navigation, and another agent can log in to the free seat when the seat-occupying agent's active support session(s) have ended.

Clear a shared seat (seat owner only)

When agents with shared seats are finished with using their seat, it is a best practice to clear their seat by closing out of all sessions (both active and inactive) within the agent app (desktop and/or mobile) to ensure that it is freed up for the next user.

Note: Named seats cannot be cleared, as they belong to only 1 individual. The only way that admins or managers can free up a named seat is by removing the agent's Remote Support and/or Service Desk product(s) from the user details page.

Log in with a shared seat

Agents with a shared Remote Support seat will see the following difference (as opposed to those with named seats):

  • If all shared seats are occupied when an agent tries to log in to the agent app (desktop or mobile), they'll encounter the following message, "All shared seats are in use. To start a session, please wait for an available seat."


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