Admin Center Feature FAQs

Need some help with the Admin Center? Get answers to some frequently asked questions about managing Admin Center settings below.

Getting Started

Using the Admin Center

What's New in the Admin Center?

Managing Users

Users are agents that use GoToAssist Remote Support.

How do I add new users?

How do I delete a user?

How do I re-invite users?

How do I edit a user's details (e.g., customer information, product assignment, product settings, etc.)?

I have an account with Concurrent (i.e., shared) seats.  How do I view the list of agents occupying a seat? How do I end an agent's active session (i.e., clear a seat)?

Where do I go to manage my users' seats?

Managing User Groups

User groups are groups and/or subgroups of agents.

How do I create a new user group?

How do I add a subgroup?

How do I add users to my user group?

How do I delete a user group or subgroup?

How do I modify my user group's product settings (i.e., unattended access, file transfer, and remote control)?

Managing Device Groups

Device groups are groups of devices (i.e., Windows or Mac computers set up with unattended access).

How do I create a new device group?

How do I delete a device group?

Where can I go to manage users assigned to a device group?

How do I modify my device group settings (i.e., session recording and build version updates)?

General Admin Settings

Where can I find an overview of the Admin Center?

Where can I go to find out what's new in the Admin Center?

How do I create a default settings template (i.e., to apply to a user group)?

How do I edit my default settings (e.g., session recording, screen blanking, build version update, etc.) for all users?

What types of reports are available, and how do I generate them?

How do I download past reports?

How do I create custom fields for my users?

How do I update a custom field for a user?

How do I create a custom email template for inviting new users?