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Set Shared Clipboard Preferences

    Select what happens when clipboard data is received (i.e., you copy text from your computer or the customer's computer).

    Note: At this time, this feature is only supported for Windows customers. Access to many features and tools (including those described here) is dependent upon your account's configuration, so not all features may be available to you. See Access Optional Features for more information, or see our HelpAlert and Customer Applications System Requirements.
    1. Click the Preferences icon in the HelpAlert toolbar and select Shared Clipboard.
    2. Select the desired action, as follows:
      • Use standard clipboard copy/paste actions (Ctrl-C / Ctrl-V) - When you use the Copy shortcut (Ctrl-C) while in a support session, the content copied to your clipboard (including text and images) is also copied to the customer's clipboard (and vice versa).
      • Use custom clipboard actions - Copy
        • Ask me if I want to copy the data to my local clipboard
        • Automatically copy the data to my local clipboard
        • Reject it automatically
    3. Click OK when finished.
    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022