Replay a Session Recording

Representatives with Management Center access can use Session Review to review their own support sessions, including viewing session chat transcripts, remote diagnostics and session recordings.

Note: To save recordings locally on your computer, you can export a session recording if you have been granted this permission by your company or team manager. Additionally, if your portal has been configured to save recordings locally to the representative and/or customer's computer, recordings will be saved at the end of each session automatically. For more information, please see Access Local Session Recordings.

Replay a recorded session and review session information

  1. In the left-navigation, click Session Review.
  2. If prompted by Java, click Allow, Run or OK.
  3. Search for a session in either of the following ways:
    • Enter the Session ID in the Session ID box and click Find.
    • Use the portal, team, and/or date range drop-down menus to select criteria for desired sessions and click Find.

  1. You can do the following in the search results: 
    • View the chat transcript for a session by clicking the Chat icon .
    • Replay a session in the Viewer by clicking the Review icon . This will prompt you to download the GoToAssist Corporate Session Replay app to playback the recording.
      Note: If the "Export Session Replay" feature is enabled, click Yes or Grant to allow the export session plug-in to load. Learn more.
    • Review the remote diagnostics for the customer's computer by clicking the Diagnostics icon .

  • If a session is older than 90 days, an Unavailable Data icon will appear with a message, "Data no longer available – Session data is only stored for 90 days."

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