GoToAssist Corporate Service MSI Installation


The GoToAssist Corporate Service MSI Installer (i.e., Customer Application for Pre-Installation) can be used to install the customer application as a service in Windows environments where software installation on systems is tightly managed. This application can reduce session-join time, more easily enable certain features during a live support session, and prevent additional downloads (when a customer joins a standard support session, the GoToAssist Corporate Customer application is used to connect them with the representative) within locked-down Windows environments.

In these environments, pre-installation of the GoToAssist Corporate customer application may be necessary to ensure that customers seeking help are able to join a support session.

Note: You must have administrative rights to install the GoToAssist Corporate Service MSI file, and the "run as a service" feature must be enabled on a per-portal basis. For more information about portal types, please see Customer Portals

Download the latest version of the GoToAssist Corporate MSI file

The GoToAssist Corporate Service Customer application may be pre-installed on a computer using the MSI file. If there is a previous version of the GoToAssist Corporate Customer service on the computer, it will be uninstalled and replaced during the MSI installation process.

Note: Pre-installation may be necessary in order to provide support to computers in environments where the customer seeking support does not have account permissions to install software onto their computer.

To install, you can either double-click the MSI file in the Windows Explorer or use the following command line to install:

msiexec /i GoToAssist_Corporate_Customer_Setup.msi

To see additional installation options, run msiexec /? from the Windows command line.