Change Representative Settings for a Team

Use this function to change the user features and portal assignments for all current and/or future representatives on a particular team/subteam. Note that features must also be enabled for the portal in order for these settings to take effect.

Modify settings

  1. Click Teams in the left navigation.
  2. Select the desired team.
  3. Click the Manage settings for all representatives in this team link at the top of the page.
  4. Use the Representative Settings tab to modify the following representative settings on a per-team basis:
  • Operations:
    • Check the box to enable the "Reset Password" option to force all current representatives to reset their passwords the next time they log in.

  • Functions: Modify the following settings for all representatives within your selected team:
    • Management Center Access – Ability to log in to the Management Center. Learn more.

    • Reboot/Reconnect – Ability to reboot and reconnect to a customer's computer during support sessions. Learn more.

    • Reports – Ability to generate reports. Learn more.

    • Schedule Reports – Ability to create schedule reports.  Learn more.

    • Save HelpAlert Configuration – Ability to save and share their HelpAlert Preferences. Learn more.

    • Session Replay – Ability to view session recordings, remote diagnostics, and chat logs. Learn more.

    • Export Session Replay – Ability to export session recordings. Learn more.

    • File Transfer Send –Ability to send files to customers. Learn more.

    • File Transfer Receive – Ability to receive files from customers. Learn more.

    • Allow to Save Login Password – Ability to save the login password after initially logging in to HelpAlert. Learn more.

      Note: Your representative account still adheres to the configuration within your account's Password Policy.

    • Multi-Session – Select how many sessions the representative can be in simultaneously.

    • Share My Screen – Ability to share their own screen with customers, as well as the ability for customers to have remote control. Learn more.

    • View/Control Others Screen –Ability to view the screens of customers, as well as have remote control. Learn more.

    • Logoff Inactive Representatives after specified amount of time (30 – 540 min.), and select a countdown amount (1 – 30 min.).

  1. Use the "Apply Settings To" drop-down menu to choose which types of representatives to which these changes will apply.
  2. Click Save Settings when finished.


Change Representative Settings

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