GoToWebinar's New Look and Feel

The new GoToWebinar experience simplifies managing webinars, scheduling, and viewing Analytics. On top of that, it's mobile friendly so take GoToWebinar on the go!

1Log in to GoToWebinar

In order to manage your GoToWebinar events, you'll need to log in using your account credentials (email address and password).
Open a browser to

  • Enter your account credentials (email address and password).
  • Click the robot hiding behind your upcoming webinars. To try out the fresh GoToWebinar look, click Try it now.
  • This will launch a browser page to the new experience of GoToWebinar.

2Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard includes a list of your upcoming and past webinars, your overall webinar analytics, and your published and unpublished videos (webinar recordings). This new Dashboard simplifies managing webinars and improves usability and responsivess. Enjoy!

3Schedule a webinar

GoToWebinar offers multiple types of webinars to suit your needs, each of which offers different join experiences for attendees. Each time you schedule a webinar, you'll be able to choose which type you want to use.

Classic webinars are fully interactive events that are hosted live by the organizer.

  • These webinars can be set for a specific time and date, or they can be launched "on the fly" using the Webinar Now feature.
  • Attendees can join these webinars with any device (either from the desktop app, web browser or mobile app).

Webcast webinars are similar to classic webinars but allow organizers to host large,broadcast-style sessions with up to 2,000 attendees (Plus plans) and 500 attendees (Pro plans) in listen-only mode.

  • These webinars must be scheduled ahead of time for a specific date and time.
  • Attendees will join instantly using the web browser-based experience that doesn't require any software download.

On-demand webinars (formerly called "Simulated Live webinars") are semi-interactive, pre-recorded events that start automatically and run on their own, so organizers do not need to be present to host the webinar. Choose this webinar type if you want to re-purpose your best recorded live webinar and then replay that recording with interaction multiple times!

  • These webinars can be scheduled to start themselves at a specific date and time, or they can be made to be watched at any time.
  • Attendees will join using the web browser-based experience that doesn't require any software download.

Create a webinar


Choose the type of webinar that best fits your event! This will affect the rest of the scheduling flow. Webcast and Classic webinars follow similar webinar details, but on-demand webinars will require you to add a recording.
If you already have a scheduled webinar that is set up with polls, survey, email follow-ups, and panelists, you can copy it into a newly scheduled webinar so that all yoru settings and customizations carry over.
Give your webinar a name, which will appear in the invitation and the webinar itself.
How often do you want your webinar to occur? Use the drop-down menu to specify your session schedule (it could be on a daily, weekly or even custom schedule). Just need a single session? Then leave it at "Once".
Select the date and time of the meeting. If you are hosting a recurring meeting, you'll see the option to customize attendee's registration type.
The meeting time zone will automatically set to your computer's time zone. You can change the time zone from the drop-down menu.

4Edit your webinar details

After scheduling a webinar, you can begin to edit your webinar details. This includes customizing the way that it looks, managing attendee registration, and adding ways to engage attendees with polls and surveys.


From the About field, you can edit your webinar information including the title, webinar date/time, panelists, and more. Learn more about different user roles.
  • To add add a webinar description, click in the Description field and type away.
  • To add more organizers to the webinar, click in the Organizers field. Add the second organizer by entering their name and email, and then clicking Update. To add more organizers, click the Plus icon.
  • To add panelists to the webinar, click the Plus icon next to "Panelists". Add a panelist by entering their name and email, and then clicking Update. To additional panelists, click the Plus icon.
Edit and view this webinar's recording and audio settings. The audio portion will give you an overview of the webinar's audio method for organizers and attendees, including access codes. You can edit your default webinar settings from the Settings page.
  • To enable auto-record, toggle the switch to the "On" position. Recording will automatically begin as soon as you start the webinar broadcast. Note that the auto-record feature is only available for Classic and Webcast webinars.
Adding branding and colors to your webinar affects the way your Registration page and emails look like.
  • Logo: Upload your own logo to increase attendee response rates. For best results, choose an image no larger than 400x200 pixels and 100KB. Note that the name of your organization will automatically appear next to your logo.
  • Feature image: This image will help distinguish your webinar. Upload an image to customize your theme. For best results, choose an image no larger than 200x200 pixels and 100KB.
  • Feature color: This will give your webinar a polished look. Select one of the given colors for an updated look and feel to your session.
Spread your webinar information! From thsi field, you can grab your Registration URL and your Webinar ID to send to your attendees. You can also email the webinar event invitation to yourself, copy the event information (which includes a registration link), and preview the event information.
Configure your registration settings including confirmation emails, registration limit, webinar password protection, and more. Configure your attendee registration settings from this field. You can set a registration limit, have GoToWebinar notify you with every registration, change attendee's registration approval setting, add a custom confirmation link where attendees will be redirected to after registering, password-protect the webinar event, and customize the registration form.
  • Registration limit: You can set a registrant limit so that no one can register for your webinar once the maximum amount of registrants has been reched. The registrant limit can be up to 10 times your attendee limit (i.e., if your attendee limit is 100, then you can set your registrant limit up to 1,000). Enter a specific number in the field or use the increase/decrease arrows.
  • Notification: You can choose to be notified via email every time someone registers.
  • Approved: You can choose to automatically or manually approve registrations. If you choose "automatically", registrants will immediately receive information on how to join the webinar once they register. If you choose "manually", you will need to approve registrants before they receive information on how to join the webinar.
  • Confirmation: After an attendee registers, they will be redirected to a confirmation page. You can choose to send them to the standard GoToWebinar Confirmation page or you can click the Plus icon by "Custom link" and enter the link you'd like to redirect them to post-registration.
  • Password: You can choose to password-protect your webinars. This means that in order to join the session, attendees will need to enter a secret password of your choosing. To add a password, select the Plus icon next to "Password". Enter your password and click Save password. Remember to send your registrants your password as GoToWebinar will not send the password for you. Note that recorded password-protected webinars will be saved locally to your computer.
  • Registration Form: If you want more information on your attendees, you can customize the Registration form they must fill out before the session. First and last names, and email address are always required but to gain more information, click the Default box and begin selecting pre-populated options (city, job title, etc.). You can also create custom short answer and multiple choice questions. To create custom questions, click the Plus icon next to "Add custom question". Enter your custom question(s), and click Save.
Engage your attendees by adding videos, handouts, polls and surveys!
  • Videos: You can prepare in advance up to 5 videos (.MP4 files or YouTube links only) that you wish to share during a webinar. To add videos you'd like to play in session, click the Plus icon next to "Videos". Drag and drop any .MP4 file or click the Plus icon next to "YouTube link", enter the video link and title, and click Save. Then during the webinar, you or the current Presenter can select and play those videos directly from the Control Panel while in session. Note that only .MP4 files will be captured in online recordings, and linked YouTube videos will be cut from the final recording).
  • Handouts: Attendees will be able to download up to 5 uploaded handouts (images, music, video or Microsoft office files) onto their own device. To upload handouts, click the Plus icon next to "Handouts". Note that the following file types are supported: PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, WMV, MOV, MP3, MP4, JPEG, GIF, and PNG, and all files must be less than 100MB.
  • Poll: Launch a poll during a session to gain attendee interest and focus. You can create up to 20 polls before the session or during the session on-the-fly. After you close a poll, you can choose to show the results to your attendees immediately or later. To add a poll, click the Plus icon next to "Poll". Add as many multiple choice questions and answers, and then click Save poll.
  • Survey: You can send a survey with up to 25 multiple choice, rating, or short answer questions out to webinar attendees immediately after the webinar ends or in a follow-up email. To add a survey question, click the Plus icon next to "Survey". Enter the survey title, choose the type of question and answer, and then click Add to survey. In the same window, you can decide when you want the survey to launch and click Save.

5View your Content Library

Manage all your published and unpublished recordings from your Content Library! To get to this page from the Dashboard, click See All in the Videos field. You will see a list of all your available videos and their thumbnails. From this page, you can edit the name of a video by clicking the dotted box under the thumbnail. Note that videos that have been published to your Channel are labelled with the category.

6View My Channel

Your Channel is a one-page hub for on-demand webinars. Every recording that gets published to your Channel page will show up on, which is our video platform for content. This is an opportunity for your business to reach the 60 million professionals who join GoToWebinar events each year. Generate awareness and leads by sharing your videos on GoToStage!

Access your GoToStage Channel page by clicking the Monitor icon in the left navigation bar. This will launch another browser page with your Channel page. Learn more.

7View webinar analytics and reports

The Analytics page is a one-stop shop for all data-driven items. You can get high-level analytics of your webinar history in easy-to-read charts and generate reports, which is handy when you need details on your sessions (attendee information, Q&A, and more).

Show All | Hide All

After each webinar, the Analytics page will be updated with an overview of the attendee activity that occurred during the session. This includes the total number of registrants, total number of attendees, and the attendance percentage rate. From this page, you can filter out webinars by registrant and attendee numbers, and by customized date range.
As of now, you can only download a report of the high-level data shown on the Analytics page in the following file types:
  • Excel
  • CSV
  • PDF

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8Edit Webinar settings

You can change various settings that affect the way your webinars are scheduled and run using the Settings page. These settings will apply to all sessions that you schedule.


Each time you schedule a new session, it will automatically use the default audio settings configured for your account (but you can change them for each specific session as needed). You can choose between built-in audio and your own conference call service.
  • Buit-in audio provides your attendees with multiple connection methods - computer audio (VoIP), long distance toll numbers, and toll-free numbers (OpenVoice Integrated). You can change the countries for which phone numbers are provided by clicking Edit.
  • My call service allows you to use your own conference call service. All you have to do is enter the conference call information of your third-party audio service for attendees, organizers, and panelists.
Manage your recordings from this field. You can record any session and then store the recording for attendees to view at a later time. The session recordings include the presenter's screen, audio, and any shared applications.
  • Enabling auto-record allows the desktop app to automatically start recording the webinar as soon as the broadcast begins. Toggle the switch to the "On" position to begin auto-recording.
  • As an organizer, you can also set how you want to save your recording. Save recordings in My Recordings (also known as "online recording") automatically saves, converts, and is stored to your Content Library. Save the recordings to my computer only (also known as "local recording") stores the recording on your local hard drive. You'll need to convert the recording file to a .MP4 file before sharing them with others. Note that this recording will not include any shared webcams.

9Need more help or have questions?

Do you have questions or feedback for the GoToWebinar team? You can easily send those in with the integrated Help chat.

  1. Select the Chat icon in the bottom right of the screen.
  2. A small window will pop up. Send in your question or feedback.
  3. You will be notified when a team member responds.

You can also check out this list of FAQs for any general questions.


We've added an in-session chat button that you can use to give us feedback. You can also email questions to
Yes. To revert back to the old experience, click on your Profile icon in the top right of the screen and click Back to the old view. This will open a new browser tab with the old GoToWebinar experience.
Yes. During the beta phase, the GoToWebinar team will continually add new features and improve the experience based on customer feedback. The following features will be added soon:
  • Certificates
  • GDPR disclaimer
  • Source Tracking