GoToMeeting - How to Use Cloud Based Recording

Length: 1:36 By: GoToMeeting

Recording and sharing GoToMeeting sessions just got easier. With a streamlined experience, we’ve eliminated the time required for downloading and converting recordings by offering an automated and fully cloud based recording solution. Once you’ve stopped recording a GoToMeeting session, your recording will automatically be uploaded to your private cloud space. Please note that it may take a few minutes for the recording to be converted and uploaded to be available in your meeting history. Organizers no longer need to manually convert and upload recordings to make them available. After closing a meeting, you’re simply taken back to your “My Meetings” page. Click on “Meeting History” and you’ll not only see your uploaded recordings listed, but you’ll be able to view them, download them, share them, or delete them with ease. You can also view a list of all attendees at your meeting session. You can view their name and email address as well as their join and departure times. With online cloud recording, GoToMeeting has made recording and sharing recorded GoToMeeting sessions simple. To learn more about how to use cloud based recording with GoToMeeting, visit this URL: