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Welcome to GoToAssist Remote Support! GoToAssist products offer a cloud-based suite of integrated modules that allow you to deliver support to anyone in need of assistance, from anywhere! Invite your customers to join a support session so they can share their screen and get the help they need in real-time. As the agent, you can use various tools to enhance your customer's support experience, including drawing tools, file transfer, and much more!

Free Live Public Trainings

Join us for a one-hour overview of this two-part training that will cover admin tools, as well as review basic product features, usage guidelines, and best practices. Finally, we will conclude the training with a live Q&A session with our agents.

  • To attend a free live training for GoToAssist Remote Support, please register now (Windows only).

Video Tutorials

We offer a variety of training videos that only take a couple of minutes to go through and can be done at your leisure.

Below are some of our most popular GoToAssist Remote Support video tutorials:




Help Articles

Our articles are a handy tool to help walk you through the basics of using GoToAssist Remote Support, as well as assist you if you get stuck along the way.

Below are some of our most popular GoToAssist Remote Support help articles:



User Guides

We have two quick start guides that will help you get started right away as an agent using Windows or Mac.